Tekken 6 Tier List 2017

Tekken 6 Tier List 2017

S: steve, bob, lars
A: julia, bruce, bryan, law, dj, alisa, nina, jack6, baek, lili
B: lee, kaz, lei, leo, ganryu, roger, king, drag, anna, wang, hwo, feng, miguel, marduk
C: capos, hei, ling, asuka, paul, raven, jin, ak
D: yoshi, bears, zaf

Lars, Bob, Miguel, Feng, Leo, Law, Paul, Bruce, Dragunov, and AK are comparatively easy to understand, I suggest you pick up one of these characters. tekken 6 bloodline rebellion tier list is also the same. tekken 6 br tier lis.

Keep in mind that unlike many 2d fighting games, Tekken doesn’t have polarizing matchups, so the difference between S and C tier is not that big (although picking up a D-tier character might feel like an uphill battle), not to mention both Jin and Ling are very strong in T7. Tekken 6 has an training option you can dive into to learn some juggles. As far as top tier characters are concern, try Lars or Paul, they are super easy to use and do good damage. Good luck. P. S. Don’t use Lei Wulong he sucks.

Tier-list from TekkenZaibatsu, looks pretty good. Also check: Tekken 7 tier list

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